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One Year Later, Richard Irvin Refuses to Answer for Corruption as Aurora Mayor

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A year ago today, Richard Irvin arrived at the scene of an arrest of his then-girlfriend, accused of hitting a security guard at a marijuana store. An Aurora police officer overheard Irvin say the charges against her “would be taken care of.” Later, Irvin reappointed his then-girlfriend to the City of Aurora’s Hispanic Heritage advisory board.

One year later, Irvin refuses to answer for his corrupt comments. Instead, he openly contested the police report, telling the Tribune the report was “actually incorrect” in its characterization of his comments.

Looks like the “law-and-order candidate” only backs the blue when it works for him.

“While Irvin parades around as the ‘law-and-order’ candidate who’s ‘tough on crime,’ the truth is clear: he only cares when it’s politically convenient,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Mayor Irvin’s corruption runs deep — and a Governor Irvin would be no different. Illinoisans deserve better.”