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One Week After He Was Asked, Fung Finally Admits He Won’t Stop Assault Weapons in Rhode Island

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Fung And Morgan Both Oppose Common-Sense Gun Safety Measures

A week after he was asked by the Providence Journal but “chose to remain silent,” Cranston Mayor Allan Fung finally admitted to WPRI that he won’t do anything to stop assault weapons in Rhode Island.

WPRI reported: “Fung, the four-term Cranston mayor, spoke as the tragedy appears to be giving firearms restrictions new momentum at the State House. A group of Democratic lawmakers and gun-control advocates have scheduled a news conference Tuesday to unveil a bill for a statewide ban on semi-automatic rifles that opponents classify as assault weapons. It would also ban high-capacity magazines. Fung made clear he opposes such a measure.”
When Fung hid on this issue last week, Minority Leader Patricia Morgan has long been an outspoken opponent of common sense gun safety measures. She even even voted last year against a law to bar those convicted of domestic violence from owning guns.
Governor Gina Raimondo has led on this issue, both speaking out and taking action.
Yesterday, she signed a “red flag” executive order to keep guns out of dangerous hands. Last week, she formed a bipartisan task force with other governors to combat gun violence by sharing information about gun sales and crimes across state lines. And last year, Raimondo signed a law to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.
“Now that Mayor Fung has finally come out of hiding, voters can clearly see that both he and Minority Leader Morgan oppose common-sense measures to protect Rhode Island from gun violence,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “While her opponents cower and do the bidding of their special interest backers, Governor Raimondo has been a courageous leader, taking action to keep Rhode Islanders safe.”