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On Trump Premium Hikes, Schuette Puts Extreme Political Views Before People

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If there was ever any doubt as to where Bill Schuette’s loyalties stood, he confirmed last week that he puts his extreme ideology, and his own self-interest, before the health and welfare of Michiganders. Schuette strongly backs President Trump’s recent move to hike health insurance premiums for Michiganders, saying “the president is doing the right thing.” 

The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services has said that this move will cause the average health insurance premium in the state of Michigan to jump up a whopping 27.6 percent.

Groups from the American Medical Association to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce all agree that President Trump’s plan to increase health care costs by ending Cost Sharing Reduction Subsidies “will have harmful consequences for patients, families, businesses, and taxpayers.” Several Republican governors including Massachusetts’ Charlie Baker, Nevada’s Brian Sandoval, and Ohio’s John Kasich have bucked their party and spoken out strongly against this latest move to sabotage healthcare markets. But Bill Schuette is backing this extreme—and extremely damaging—plan despite its consequences for the people of Michigan.

“Bill Schuette consistently puts his extreme political ideology ahead of real people, and his position on the Trump Premium Hikes is no exception,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “While other leaders and organizations across the ideological spectrum are speaking out against this plan to increase healthcare costs for hardworking families, Bill Schuette is praising this disastrous decision. Michiganders deserve better.”