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On Request for Ventilators, Ron DeSantis Is Either Lying Or Too Busy Playing Politics to Pay Attention to Florida’s COVID Crisis

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DeSantis on Requesting Hundreds of Ventilators: “I Did Not Know About That”

In a recent press conference, Gov. Ron DeSantis said he “did not know” that Florida requested hundreds of ventilators from the federal government as the state’s COVID cases reach “an all-time high,” meaning he’s either lying to cover how his policies have failed Floridians or admitting that he’s too focused on his own politics to know what’s happening in his state.

Making this even worse for DeSantis, “a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Health, told The Post on Wednesday that the agency helped make the request to the federal government,” according to the Washington Post.

DeSantis saying that he didn’t know about his state’s request for these ventilators comes just a week after he bragged that “our hospitals are open for business,” a shamelessly disgusting comment as Florida’s seven-day average climbed to 19,250 new infections and more than 13,000 COVID-related hospitalizations were reported Sunday.

It’s no surprise front-line health care workers are overwhelmed and fed up with DeSantis. Instead of taking action on COVID, DeSantis has been busy fighting with school teachers, the cruise industry, President Joe Biden, and the CDC. Earlier this year, he was criticized by officials from both parties for directing limited vaccines to his political allies.

“When it comes to Florida’s request for hundreds of ventilators from the federal government, this response from Ron DeSantis means he’s lying or has no idea what’s happening in his own state. Either way, his refusal to take meaningful action on COVID proves he cares more about his political future than the lives of Floridians,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “DeSantis should stop the political games and fighting with anyone who tries to implement safety measures because hospital beds are filling up, people are fighting for their lives, and Florida deserves better.”