On National Voter Registration Day, Dr. Chris Jones Released Op-Ed on Preserving Voting Rights

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On this past National Voter Registration Day, Democratic nominee for governor of Arkansas Dr. Chris Jones released a powerful reflection about his vision for the future of the state, protecting voting rights and preserving our democracy, writing:

“As baseless claims of election fraud are spread and rules to make voting more difficult are implemented, what that day represents has never been more critical for preservation of our democracy.” 

“We’re no red state. We are a non-voting state,” he added. “It’s not a bug in the system; it’s a feature designed by those who would suppress voting such that fewer cast ballots.” 

Dr. Jones continued: “Maintaining our faith in the notion that hard work matters, we will continue to visit every corner of Arkansas, talking face-to-face with voters, whose voices deserve to be heard. Arkansas voters will decide this race…” 

Dr. Jones has put in more than 2 million steps this year talking to Arkansas voters.

Read the full op-ed here.