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On Laura Ingraham Show, Gillespie Dodges Trump Question 3 Times

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Conservative Radio Flop Points to Huge Base Problems for Gillespie 

Today, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham took Ed Gillespie to task for his awkward tap dance around President Trump, and thrice he dodged her questions and refused to answer.
For months, Gillespie has been trying to have it both ways, claiming both to be close to Trump’s White House and trying to hide his connections—depending on who’s asking. Well, Ingraham was not having it. She called out Gillespie for feigning to keep the President at arms-length and continued to press him on the issue, no matter how much he tried to dodge. And three separate times he danced around the issue and refused to answer her.
First she asked, “I know you have Marco Rubio coming in Susana Martinez governor of New Mexico; they are known as kind of moderate Republicans specially on the issue of immigration. But why not bring in all the big Republican figures including the president who obviously is the titular head of the party?
Then she pressed “So they’re going to tag you with [Trump]. So I think when, if you come across as you like kind of don’t want to mention, or just distancing yourself from him. And I think that that doesn’t help you, I’m talking about, I don’t care about Trump right now, I’m saying I don’t think it necessarily helps you to be perceived as if you’re trying to just not even mention Trump.

And several minutes later, she circled back to the point, “George W. Bush campaigned for you in Virginia and then shortly afterwards he gave a speech that was, without mentioning Donald Trump by name, was a broadside against Donald Trump. Where does, what does that leave you? Is that the kind of message you want to send to the voters of Virginia that you’re more of Bush Republican than a Trump Republican?”

You can listen to the full cringe-worthy interview HERE

“Ed Gillespie falls flat on his face trying to do the Trump tap dance, and Virginia Trump supporters have had enough,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Between his disastrously awkward Laura Ingraham interview, lagging enthusiasm in coal country, and recent staff defections, it’s clear Gillespie’s base issues run deep. By trying to tiptoe around the President, Gillespie just exposes himself as the craven political actor he really is.”