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On Eve of Jan 6th Anniversary, Pennsylvania Republicans Race to the Far-Right in Crowded “Trump Primary” Debate

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Former GOP Congressman Ryan Costello: “Let’s Just Call It the Trump Primary” 

Last night, on the eve of the January 6th insurrection anniversary, the thirteen Republican candidates for Pennsylvania governor crammed onto a crowded stage in multiple rows for the first debate in a brutal race to the far-right. “Let’s just call it the Trump primary,” warned former GOP Congressman Ryan Costello.

With a nasty, crowded race impending, the GOP candidates are desperate to win the support of Donald Trump’s far-right base with lies and conspiracy theories.

In addition to spreading the Big Lie and promoting unnecessary, partisan voting restrictions, the candidates shared climate change denial theories. “I happen to believe the global warming stories are not true,” said John Ventre.

“The huge and wide-open GOP field is unlike anything party officials have seen in at least decades,” reported the Associated Press. “And the Republican field is still growing.”

The PA GOP sprint to the far-right will go even further off the rails as Doug Mastriano — who was leading the extreme pack in a recent poll — is set to declare his candidacy this weekend. Mastriano participated firsthand on January 6th by busing insurrectionists to the Capitol, and — like other candidates in the race — he supports a sham audit of Pennsylvania’s election results.

“Last night’s debate proved the GOP candidates for Pennsylvania governor care most about appeasing Trump — no matter how it hurts Pennsylvania families,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “The Republican race to the far-right is just beginning, and this crowded field will turn nastier and more out-of-touch as more candidates jump in.”