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On Eve of Election, Oklahoma GOP Runoff Sinks to ‘Lowest of Lows’

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Stitt and Cornett “Clashed Angrily” Over Negative Ads and Nasty Campaigning

Mayor Mick Cornett and businessman Kevin Stitt spent the final few weeks of the Oklahoma GOP runoff lobbinginsults and accusations at each other. The main point of contention? The nasty ads both campaigns have been running over the last month. Cornett has attacked Stitt for his company’s history of committing mortgage fraud. Stitt has responded by criticizing Cornett for running that use his last name in a vulgar play on words.
The Oklahoman report detailed the contentious debate from last week:

Republican gubernatorial candidates Mick Cornett and Kevin Stitt clashed angrily Wednesday night over the negative ads in the runoff race, with each claiming in a televised debate that he was the victim of unfair attacks.
…Stitt said “vulgarity, using a cuss word and a play on somebody’s last name is just the lowest of lows. But it’s just typical. When politicians are down, they go to personal attacks.”
…Cornett said, “Well you better have thicker skin than that if you want to be governor.”

After pouring millions of dollars into negative ads, and insulting each other face to face, it’s doubtful the GOP will be unified heading into the general election.
“With just a day before the election, the runoff between Kevin Stitt and Mick Cornett is officially ugly, and that’s bad news for Oklahoma Republicans,” said Democratic Governors Association Communications Director Jared Leopold. “While Stitt and Cornett air out their dirty laundry, Drew Edmondson is focused on improving Oklahoma schools and moving past the disastrous policies of Mary Fallin.”