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On Day 1 of Exploratory Campaign, Pawlenty Admits He’s A Washingtonian Now

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Governor-Turned-Lobbyist Brags on National TV About ‘My Job In Washington”

After spending 6 years making millions of dollars to lobby on behalf of Wall Street, Tim Pawlenty has made himself at home in the nation’s Capital. On day 1 of his exploratory campaign for governor, Pawlenty went on Fox Business yesterday to tout his “decision to leave my job in Washington.” 

Watch HERE:


Pawlenty – who did not do any interviews on Minnesota TV – proudly touted the fact that he no longer works in Minnesota. But, he’s now begging Minnesotans to consider taking him back, after years of special interest lobbying in D.C. 

But even Minnesota Republicans aren’t buying it.

Luckily, his potential primary opponent Jeff Johnson went on the radio yesterday and said he would be “happy to bring him around and introduce him to the Republicans around Minnesota that he doesn’t know.”

How’s that for Midwestern hospitality?

“Super-lobbyist Tim Pawlenty accidentally admitted the truth yesterday: He works for Washington special interests, not Minnesotans,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Tim Pawlenty already kicked Minnesotans to the curb, and now he wants them to take him back? It’s been a long time since he served the state of Minnesota, and we encourage him to take Jeff Johnson on his kind offer to introduce him to the Minnesotans he that he abandoned. We all know this primary won’t stay nice for long.”