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Ohio GOP Race-To-The-Right Getting National Attention

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4 GOP Gov Candidates Embrace Trump, Shun Kasich

In Republican primaries around the country, candidates are bending over backwards to show their allegiance to President Trump. Nowhere is that more evident than in Ohio where Jim Renacci, Jon Husted, Mike DeWine, and Mary Taylor are bucking current Gov. John Kasich and courting Trump voters in a race-to-the-right.
National media has taken notice. In the last few weeks, several outlets have highlighted the Trump factor in primaries around the country and particularly in Ohio. While hugging Trump might be good politics to win a primary, Republicans will have trouble in general elections after this race-to-the-right.
National Journal: Trump Overshadows Kasich in Governor Race

“Kasich’s legacy looms over the four-person Republican race to replace him, but so far the candidates are echoing Trump, in a pivot alongside the state and national party. 

“Taylor’s opponents are already channeling the president more directly. Husted, a former state House speaker, launched his campaign by saying his ‘family would firmly fit in Hillary Clinton’s basket of deplorables,’ in reference to the Democratic presidential nominee’s comments about Trump’s supporters. 
“Renacci is most publicly angling for support from those who catapulted Trump to the White House. In a recent interview in Washington, Renacci said he’s ‘hoping that people who supported Trump support the idea that we need to put somebody other than a career politician into the governor’s seat.’”

Wall Street Journal: In GOP Primaries, Candidates Battle to Be the Trumpiest

“President Donald Trump is leaving his mark on the Republican Party, with political candidates across the country shaping themselves in his populist, antiestablishment mold.
“In Ohio, Mr. Trump has helped reshape the GOP from the top down. After winning Ohio by 8 percentage points, Mr. Trump successfully lobbied for replacing the Republican Party’s state chairman, Matt Borges. Mr. Borges was an ally of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a presidential primary rival of Mr. Trump.”

“Mr. Renacci’s campaign slogan is ‘Ohio First,’ an echo of Mr. Trump’s promise during his own campaign to put “America First.” Like Mr. Trump, Mr. Renacci is funding his campaign in part with wealth attained as a businessman. The total is $4 million so far.”

New York Times: Mercurial Trump Rattles Republican Party Ahead of Midterms

“Mr. Trump will also leave his imprint on races beyond Congress by whom he chooses to support with his time and fund-raising power. Representative Jim Renacci of Ohio, a wealthy former auto dealer who is running for governor, said he had broached the subject of his race during an Oval Office meeting with the president, and Mr. Trump was tuned in.” 
“‘The president has always been supportive of Jim Renacci, because I’ve been supportive of him,’ Mr. Renacci said.”