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OH-GOV GOP Primary Is Officially ‘Into the Gutter’

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Husted and Renacci Feud Rocked By Angry Memes and Angrier Spouses 

The Republican primary in the Ohio governor’s race is sinking to new lows. To this point, the campaign has been an all-out race to the right. But in the last few days, the attacks have gotten personal.
The rivalry between Congressman Jim Renacci and Sec. of State Jon Husted has devolved into a personal spats over offensive online posts and alleged threats toward spouses.
First, a Renacci campaign staffer posted several memes attacking Husted and his campaign. The first incident involve a series of memes trolling a former Husted staffer on a Facebook post for her deceased grandmother:
It was a touching tribute to a late grandparent made by Josette Burns, now a field rep for the pro-Husted super PAC Ohio Conservatives for a Change. The PAC is in the middle of a spirited ongoing battle between Renacci and Husted, but Caudill took it straight into the gutter.
Caudill…repeatedly attacked Husted in the comments on Burns’ post about her grandma. Caudill posted derogatory memes and called Husted “disgusting,” even amid pleas by Burns and others to stop. 
After Renacci stood by the staffer, only to have her post another meme showing Husted bound and gagged, implying he should be killed:
A member of U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci’s gubernatorial campaign team posted a Facebook meme last week that seemed to advocate for the assassination of Secretary of State Jon Husted.
The ensuing backlash forced Renacci to fire the poster, but he also shot back with a new attack against Husted, claiming his opponent threatened his wife after she confronted him at the GOP forum, which took place in a church:
“On Sunday evening, after hearing Jon Husted publicly declare that he has been running a clean campaign, Jim’s wife, Tina, later approached Jon Husted and asked if she could speak with him about the dirty and dishonest attacks he’s been engaged in for months. In front of witnesses, Husted responded by abruptly threatening Tina Renacci, at which point she walked away. Our campaign is still awaiting a formal apology from Jon Husted for his conduct towards Mrs. Renacci.”
Husted denies any threats were made. There’s still seven months left in the primary, and it’s hard to imagine how it could get any dirtier.