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Oh Brother! Sen. Sununu Touts Ed. Boards that Just Blasted his Brother

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Oh Brother! Sen. Sununu Touts Ed. Boards that Just Blasted his Brother

Sen. Sununu on MSNBC today: State’s newspapers ‘represent the views and the thoughts of New Hampshire voters.’

This week, 3 NH papers hammered GOP Chris Sununu over Planned Parenthood opposition

It’s gonna be an awkward Thanksgiving.

After a week in which GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu was criticized by multiple editorial boards in New Hampshire, Sununu’s own brother took to national TV to spell out the importance of the same papers.

When speaking about the Portsmouth Herald and the Keene Sentinel, former Sen. John Sununu said, “Those are the endorsements that matter because they represent the views and the thoughts of New Hampshire voters.” 

Watch the full clip of Sen. John Sununu’s remarks on MSNBC here.

The comments come after Executive Councilor Chris Sununu was a subject of three editorials from newspapers across the state, which called on him to change his vote that denied funding for Planned Parenthood’s critical health care services that reach nearly 14,000 New Hampshire women.

The editorials were sparked by Sununu’s recent remarks that he would not change his vote on Planned Parenthood because the organization had “proven themselves to be bullies.” Sununu initially promised to provide newspapers a list of alternative organizations that provide similar services to Planned Parenthood, but has failed to do so for more than a week.

Sununu’s stand won’t be a popular position with New Hampshire voters. Exit polls from 2012 show that 71 percent of New Hampshire voters supported a women’s right to choose. Even among GOP primary voters in New Hampshire, a plurality of 49 percent identify as pro-choice.

Here is what the editorial boards had to say:

Portsmouth Herald:

“His comments about the health care provider seem petty, vindictive and not worthy of someone who wants to be our state’s next governor.”

“For the sake of the approximately 14,000 low-income women and families who receive vital health services from Planned Parenthood we urge Sununu to reconsider his opposition.” (1/31/16)

“Republican Executive Councilor Chris Sununu last week said he could provide a list of health care agencies capable of stepping in to provide services previously provided by Planned Parenthood but now, fully a week later, he still has not produced the name of a single provider.” (2/4/16)

Valley News:

“The two Democratic members of the Executive Council […] called on their colleagues to reverse themselves and approve the contracts in light of the Texas indictments and the unanimous results of the other investigations. Sununu said no.”

“Perhaps not coincidentally, he is running for governor this year.” (2/4/16)

Keene Sentinel:

“The state’s three Republican members of the five-member Executive Council voted to halt state contracts for Planned Parenthood health centers […] Chris Sununu, now a candidate for governor, boasted of casting the deciding vote.”

“We call on the Executive Council to reinstate funding for Planned Parenthood’s operations. Cutting off the funding here never made sense, but it was hardly a surprise.” (2/1/16)