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Obamacare Opposition Puts Pressure On GOP Governors

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By Jeffrey Young
Republican governors who have threatened to deprive poor people in their states of health care coverage under President Barack Obama’s health care reform law are feeling increasing pressure to participate in an expansion of Medicaid.
The latest sign comes from Florida, where Republican Gov. Rick Scott — a particularly outspoken critic of Obamacare — has indicated a new willingness to reconsider his stance against expanding Medicaid to the poorest residents of his state.
Foreshadowing the politicking and lobbying that is likely to play out in state capitals across the country between now and when the health care law’s coverage expansions take effect in 2014, cracks in Scott’s resistance may already be starting to form, according to a Miami Herald report Saturday.
After Obama’s reelection, which all but cements the health care overhaul in place, Scott had told another local newspaper that his refusal to adopt aspects of the law was steadfast. At least a half-dozen governors have rejected the Medicaid expansion, according to the Advisory Board, a consulting company.
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