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O-H-I-O: Home of the Indiana GOP Gov Race

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O-H-I-O: Home of the Indiana GOP Gov Race

 Republicans picking nominee behind closed doors…in Ohio

 ANSWER: The 1964 NFL Championship Game. The first use of the term “rock and roll.” The 2016 GOP campaign for Governor of Indiana.

QUESTION: What are 3 events that took place in Cleveland, Ohio?

The closed-door Indiana GOP gubernatorial nomination process is so secretive that it’s not even taking place in Indiana. The four Republicans running for governor are conducting the majority of their 10-day campaign at hotels and convention centers in Ohio. 

The Indianapolis Star reported today that “most of the action is taking place far from Indiana at a Hilton Garden Inn near the Cleveland airport,” with candidates campaigning over breakfast buffets and on the floor of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ arena.  

“The candidate for governor of Indiana shouldn’t be chosen in Ohio,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “But Republicans are hand-picking their candidate in a secretive closed-door campaign in Cleveland.

“It’s time for Republican gubernatorial candidates to come clean with Hoosiers about where they stand on the issues and why they want to continue Mike Pence’s disastrous policies. Instead, these candidates may want to pick up some Buckeye gear to commemorate their out-of-state campaign for governor.”

The selection committee is scheduled to name a replacement July 26. Their announcement follows a required 10-day public notice period – much of which will have occurred with the candidates in Cleveland.