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NV-GOP Infighting: Sandoval Bashes ‘Key Plank’ of Laxalt’s Platform

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Sandoval: Laxalt Plan Would ‘Irreversibly and Permanently Harm’ Children, Public Education

Republican Attorney General Adam Laxalt hasn’t even formally launched his campaign, and his pitch to voters is already getting torn apart by the man he’s trying to replace: Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Governor Sandoval, a Republican, laid into Laxalt’s proposal to undo Sandoval’s bipartisan education funding package. The Republican Governor took on the Republican gubernatorial candidate, saying that Laxalt’s would cut hundreds of millions of dollars from K-12 education, hurting teachers, students and families:

Gov. Brian Sandoval came out strongly against the idea of repealing the controversial commerce tax on Tuesday, saying it would strip $390 million out of K-12 education budgets during the biennium.

Attorney General Adam Laxalt made repeal of that tax a key plank in his run for the governor’s office in 2018…

…”It’s going to hurt kids, going to hurt teachers, it’s going to hurt parents,” he said. “Every single program would be eliminated.”

He also criticized Laxalt for not saying what programs he would cut to balance the $400 million hole in the budget:

“If you’re going to cut taxes, then you’ve got to answer the other side of the question,”  said Sandoval.

Sandoval also said Laxalt hadn’t reached out to him about the proposal or his bid for governor. It’s just the latest sign that Laxalt wants to drag the state much further to the right than Sandoval.

“Governor Sandoval made it clear: Adam Laxalt would drag Nevada to the right politically,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “In his bid to appeal to Republican primary voters, Adam Laxalt would undo bipartisan progress on education. Adam Laxalt has clearly shown he will slash education funding in attempt to advance his career in Republican politics.”