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Northam on MSNBC: Senate Health Care Bill ‘Immoral and Unacceptable’  

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In case you missed it, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Dr. Ralph Northam joined MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell to highlight the dangers of the Senate Republican health care bill. Meanwhile, his opponent, Ed Gillespie, has not taken a position on the Senate bill.

 Watch it here:

Northam: “We’re also watching very closely what’s going on in Washington now with health care. Everybody’s going to have a day when they get sick and need to go see the provider. I’m a pediatric neurologist, I understand that as well as anyone. And so the plan that’s on the table right now that will put 23 million Americans at risk for the coverage, especially those with pre-existing conditions, it’s just something that we find immoral and unacceptable. And so Virginians are paying close attention to that and there’s no better time than a person like myself who understands health care be at the table so Virginians have access to affordable and quality care.”