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North Carolina’s Senior US Senator Delivers a “Knock Against” Robinson in GOP Gov Primary

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North Carolina’s Senior US Senator Delivers a “Knock Against” Robinson in GOP Gov Primary

In “a knock against” Lt. Governor Mark Robinson and the latest development in the GOP’s messy primary, Senator Thom Tillis is endorsing Bill Graham for governor.

Tillis even slammed Robinson, saying: “he has virtually no legislative experience, very little business experience.”

This is the latest example of how Republicans in North Carolina have grown increasingly worried that their frontrunner has “too much baggage” to win a general election because of his record of hateful rhetoric and extreme stances.

Most recently, Robinson called for “divine retribution” against his opponents in the primary field, as well as their supporters, which one Republican respondedto by saying there is “no place in state government for that type of rhetoric.”

“Instead of focusing on the issues that matter to hardworking North Carolinians, Republicans are spending the final months of this primary the same way they’ve spent all the previous months — pointing fingers and attacking one another,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “Lt. Governor Mark Robinson and Bill Graham are both wrong for North Carolina and all today’s endorsement proves is that North Carolina Republicans are committed to a nasty, personal, and very public race to the bottom that puts all of their extremism and failures on full display from now through Primary Day.”