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North Carolina’s Nasty GOP Primary Continues to Dominate the Airwaves

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North Carolina’s Nasty GOP Primary Continues to Dominate the Airwaves

As North Carolina prepares for early voting to begin, the state’s GOP gubernatorial primary is entering even uglier territory as a new ad from Bill Graham directly calls out Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson for his long history of attacking women.

The new ad comes after Graham has spent months hammering Robinson for amplifying antisemitic rhetoric and dangerous conspiracy theories, and highlights his comment that “we are called to be led by men,” not women, and his record of demeaning successful women through hate-filled social media posts on his Facebook page.

As Republicans worry that Robinson is too extreme for North Carolina, he has wasted no time returning fire, saying Graham is “not fit to be the governor. He’s not fit to be the mayor. He’s not fit to be the dog catcher” and that he should be “run out of town on the rail out of North Carolina.”

“With Robinson and Graham showing no signs of stopping their attacks on one another, by the time polls close on March 5th, North Carolinians will have no illusions about how wrong either would be for their state,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “North Carolinians deserve better than the extremism, name-calling, and finger-pointing that seems to be all these candidates have to offer.”