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North Carolina Rep. Grange Thinks “Medicaid Expansion Won’t Work.” Even Republicans Know That Isn’t True.

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After trying to position herself as a moderate last week, North Carolina Rep. Grange showed her true colors this morning on a radio show saying, “Medicaid expansion won’t work.”
Republican governors in Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Arizona, and North Dakota have chosen to expand Medicaid. Maybe Grange could learn something from them.
North Carolina Republicans’ partisan games to block Medicaid expansion continue to hurt the state. Grange’s actions have left 500,000 North Carolinans without health care and $36 billion in federal funding on the table. Medicaid expansion would boost the state’s business activity by $11.7 billion in just three years.
It’s not just good policy though. Playing partisan games with Medicaid expansion is bad politics, even in deep-red states like Louisiana and Kentucky. Just ask Matt Bevin and Eddie Rispone.
“Holly Grange is walking right into the same trap that doomed Republicans in ruby-red Louisiana and Kentucky,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Grange’s partisan games to block Medicaid expansion have left 500,000 North Carolinians without coverage and rural hospitals at risk of closure. Democrats are on the offense on health care and this statement will haunt Grange for the rest of her candidacy.”