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North Carolina Governor’s Race Moves to “Lean Democratic”

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Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper is Favored to Beat GOP Lt. Gov. Dan Forest

Politico updated its ranking in the North Carolina governor’s race from “toss-up” to “lean Democratic” due to Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s rising approval ratings. North Carolinians overwhelmingly approve of Gov. Cooper’s COVID-19 response – in two separate May polls, Cooper’s approval rating was at 63% and 70% for his handling of the pandemic.

Gov. Cooper has followed the advice of public health experts and basic common sense in combating the virus as his Republican opponent, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, has taken to spreading lies and dangerous conspiracy theories.

Over the weekend, Forest went on a tirade during a campaign event in which he argued “masks do not work.” Forest also previously claimed more people have died from the flu than COVID-19, “there is absolutely no proof” stay-at-home orders work, and other states have opened bars and gyms “with no negative impact on public health.

Forest’s embarrassing attempts to get attention are backfiring as this race shifts in Gov. Cooper’s favor. Clearly, North Carolinians prefer science and data to lies and conspiracy theories.

“Gov. Roy Cooper’s strong leadership and clear communication through the COVID-19 pandemic have earned him high approvals from North Carolinians and a commanding lead over Dan Forest,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “While Gov. Cooper follows the lead of public health experts, Forest peddles in lies and conspiracy theories. A Forest administration would endanger the lives of North Carolinians.”