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North Carolina GOP Primary Gets Messier Than Ever As Mark Walker “Doesn’t Hold Back” On Mark Robinson

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North Carolina GOP Primary Gets Messier Than Ever As Mark Walker “Doesn’t Hold Back” On Mark Robinson

The Republican North Carolina gubernatorial primary took another messy turn as Mark Walker unloaded a series of attacks on Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson in an interview with WFAE this week.

After Robinson skipped a pair of primary debates earlier this month, Walker said that the lieutenant governor’s team “won’t put him on the stage and let him trip all over himself.” Walker — who, like Robinson, is eager to pass even more extreme abortion restrictions — also took aim at Robinson’s efforts to downplay his promise to make sure women “can’t get an abortion in North Carolina for any reason,” saying, “Who knows where he is today? I don’t know if that is a script he is trying to follow.”

Robinson has been getting “blasted” by his Republican opponents for weeks, including at the debates he did not attend. There, his opponents took turns hammering his dangerous rhetoric, attacks on women, and failed record, with businessman Jesse Thomas warning that a “vote for Mr. Robinson might feel good because you think he might win the primary, but his outrageous and bigoted statements will make him a loser and unelectable.” Watch the lowlights HERE.

“We are grateful to the rest of North Carolina’s GOP gubernatorial field for taking every opportunity to remind voters of why Mark Robinson is wrong for North Carolina,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “While anything could still happen in this bruising primary, one thing is certain: from their efforts to stake out the most extreme ground when it comes to restricting reproductive freedom, to their relentless reminders about Robinson’s dangerous comments, by primary day North Carolina voters will be left with no illusions about how toxic this slate of extreme candidates really is.”