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North Carolina Business Owners Speak Out Against Robinson’s Embrace of HB2 and Danger to State Economy

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North Carolina Business Owners Speak Out Against Robinson’s Embrace of HB2 and Danger to State Economy

New reporting highlights North Carolina business owners are warning that Mark Robinson’s harmful plan to bring back the state’s disastrous HB2 proposal would drag the state backward and hurt the local economy.

Recently, Robinson spoke at a fundraiser where he was caught arguing that North Carolina Republicans “were right about HB2,” the notorious law that “sparked national backlash” and “cost the state more than $3.76 billion over 12 years in lost business.”

David Meeker, a Raleigh business owner, stated that Robinson’s embrace of HB2 is “a huge concern to small, medium and big businesses,” and that North Carolina needs “a governor who’s bringing business here and encouraging tourism, versus a governor whose plan would literally be to do the opposite.”

Susan Sawin, a bookstore owner in North Carolina, recalled that “all across the state, it was bad for business in 2017-18, and it would be bad for business again,” and “for Mark Robinson to say publicly that the bathroom bill was the ‘best thing that ever happened to the state,’ it’s just a flat-out lie.”

The fears of these business owners are similar to concerns raised by the state’s Chamber of Commerce after the March primary. North Carolina’s Chamber put out a statement sounding the alarm about Republican primary results that served as a “warning of the looming threats to North Carolina’s business climate” after Robinson was nominated for governor.

“Mark Robinson’s extreme agenda to bring back HB2 is not only wrong, but bad for local business and workers,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. ”North Carolina cannot risk their nation-leading business environment with Robinson as governor.”