“No-Show Landry” Hides as GOP Candidates Pile On At Ballot Qualifying

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“No-Show Landry” Hides as GOP Candidates Pile On At Ballot Qualifying

Louisiana Attorney General and candidate for governor Jeff Landry continues to run and hide as his Republican opponents sharpen their attacks against him. NOLA.com noted yesterday that Landry, who “has avoided many forums, took few questions and evaded the media as he left the secretary of state’s offices.”

For months, Landry’s opponents have hammered him for “ducking events where all of the candidates appear on the stage together.” Now, it appears that “no-show Landry” won’t appear on his own, either.


While Landry hid, his opponents had no problem using the qualifying stage to attack him — the latest dustup in a race that has been defined by chaotic infighting so toxic it prompted Republican Congressman Steve Scalise to intervene.Here’s what the other GOP gubernatorial candidates had to say about their absentee opponent:

  • State Sen. Sharon Hewitt: “no-show Landry” … “has damaged the most important industry in our state”
  • Treasurer John Schroder: “He’s an antagonistic bully”
  • Stephen Waguespack: “accused Landry’s campaign of threatening his donors with ‘consequences’ if they continue to support him and called the tactics ‘trash.’”

“With the ballot for governor officially set, Louisiana’s intra-GOP brawl shows no signs of slowing down,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “‘No-show’ Jeff Landry is on the run and his opponents smell blood — all but ensuring the attacks are only going to keep getting uglier by the day”