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No One Should Be Fooled by the Kemp-Cagle “Unity” Rally

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‘He has failed to do his job’, ‘Someone you cannot trust’ – Cagle on Kemp

Tonight, Brian Kemp, Casey Cagle, and the rest of Georgia’s GOP, are set to hug-it-out at a so-called Republican ‘unity’ rally. The idea of party unity should be funny to anyone who has paid any attention to their runoff campaign that featured accusations of criminality, corruption, and incompetency.
So even though Casey Cagle might grit his teeth, smile, and say the right thing tonight, here’s what he’s probably thinking:
On Kemp’s record as Secretary of State:
“He has failed to do his job. And if you fail to do your job, you cannot ask for a promotion to be the next governor of the state of Georgia.” – Casey Cagle, 7/13/18
“The servers were not secure on his watch. He did not do his job. If you were in the private sector, you would be fired instantly for that service.” Casey Cagle, 7/13/18
“Not only, under Secretary Kemp’s watch, did he release the actual files themselves, he tried to cover it up.” – Casey Cagle, 7/15/18 
“Doing a bad job as an insider, does not make you an outsider.” – Casey Cagle, 7/6/18
On Kemp’s leadership ability in Georgia:
“Again, what we’re seeing is a candidate who has no vision for Georgia.” – Casey Cagle, 7/15/18  
“Who wants to be known as someone you cannot trust. That is what we’re experiencing.” –Casey Cagle, 7/13/18 
On Kemp’s chances to win in November: 
“There’s not a poll out there that shows he can win. It’s indicative of the kind of campaign he’s run, and it’s indicative of his record.” – Casey Cagle, 7/13/18
“A candidate who can’t beat the Democrat in November.” – Casey Cagle, 7/19/18
Gov. Nathan Deal isn’t a huge fan of Kemp either. He endorsed Cagle in the primary, worried that Kemp’s divisive policies would hurt the state’s business climate:
“My concern is, let’s not undo, or transform in a negative fashion, the good reforms that we’ve put in place. That will be the challenge for the next governor of this state: To not go backwards, but to go forward.”
That’s why no one should be fooled by tonight’s photo-op. Kemp and Cagle spent the last two months calling each other liars. There’s no reason for Georgia voters to believe them now.
“Casey Cagle said it best: Brian Kemp is ‘someone you cannot trust,’” said DGA Spokesman Alex Japko. “Cagle spent the last two months telling Georgia voters that Kemp is a failed Secretary of State and unfit to be governor. Georgia voters won’t be fooled by this phony photo-op.”