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“No Mean Questions” – PA GOP Primary Candidates

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The infighting in the Pennsylvania GOP primary for governor is intense, but there’s one thing the candidates agree on: They don’t want any hard-hitting questions on the debate stage, and they only want a moderator who is a “registered Republican.”

According to PoliticsPA, the campaigns of Lou Barletta, Jake Corman, Bill McSwain, and Dave White signed a letter saying they won’t answer questions in a debate, unless certain conditions are met, including:

  • “Moderators must be registered Republicans”
  • “No questions with answers shorter than 30 seconds.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jonathan Tamari summed up the demands by writing, “​​They want a safe space. No mean questions.”

“This sad and cowardly list of demands shows the extreme field of GOP candidates for governor is scared to answer questions about their harmful agenda, including pushing Trump’s dangerous conspiracies and completely banning abortion,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton.