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Nixon will keep leading us

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Perhaps being tested by the human cost of natural disasters — from the Joplin tornado to flooding along the Missouri River and drought around the state — has given the governor a unique outlook. Those experiences have touched him in ways that come across clearly in his tone and in his words. He speaks of the people of Joplin as if they were his own townsfolk, and they are. He stepped up for that community immediately after a tornado ripped through the center of town, claiming 161 lives. He made sure funds were available to begin the disaster response and the eventual rebuilding. He has visited Joplin and the region regularly, sharing in the heartbreak and the successes.
Nixon’s interest in education reflects his passion for the people of Missouri. He proudly speaks of the state’s expansion of its A+ program to make college available to 65,000 eligible students.
Nixon pointed to his efforts to get a college tuition freeze, an export agreement, working with businesses to move or stay in the state, his determination to visit and understand every region of the state…that passion reveals a man who believes in the state and his ability to lead Missouri forward.
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