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Nicole Galloway Grabs Momentum in Missouri: Cuts Gov. Mike Parson’s Lead In Half, Raises Over $1 Million

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Polling shows Missourians doubt Parson’s leadership on top issues for voters

Democratic gubernatorial candidate State Auditor Nicole Galloway is gaining momentum in her bid to unseat GOP Gov. Mike Parson. 

Newly released polling delivers good news for Democrats, showing Galloway has cut Parson’s initial lead in half. The poll also gives Vice President Joe Biden a two-point lead over President Trump. The exciting polling numbers come as Galloway closes out Q2 with over $1 million raised. Galloway also outraised Parson nearly 2:1 in Q1.

And it’s not just the head-to-head where Parson is in trouble. While voters name health care as a top priority heading into the election, only 18 percent have confidence that Parson is “working for affordable health care.” Forty-seven percent have doubts about Parson’s ability to handle the issue at all. On improving education, another top priority for Missourians, less than a quarter of voters have confidence in the incumbent governor’s ability to handle it. 

“Mike Parson’s dwindling lead in the governor’s race is a reflection of his failure to lead during his entire time in office,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Missourians are fed up with Parson using their health care as a political football while he shirks from all responsibility as governor. Nicole Galloway is fighting for transparency and a better way forward, and come November, Missourians will be excited to cast their ballot for a leader who will put their families first.”