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NH ROUNDUP: Sununu’s Mess

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NH ROUNDUP: Sununu’s Mess 

Union Leader Editorial: ‘Sununu is too young to be this two faced’ 

After Chris Sununu’s flip-flop vote on Planned Parenthood yesterday, the GOP gubernatorial candidate is under attack from all sides. 

Sununu’s Republican opponents have blasted him for political pandering and abandoning the Republican Party platform, while Democrats have hit him for voting to block access to health care for 12,000 New Hampshire women and men last year. 

Check out a roundup of the mess Sununu has made for himself below: 

New Hampshire Union Leader Editorial: Sununu is too young to be this two-faced 

“Executive Councilor Chris Sununu must be older than he claims. No politician could have become as two-faced as this at such a tender age. 


“One good thing about Chris Sununu running for governor is that he has had to vacate his seat on the Executive Council.” [6/30/16]

(New Hampshire Union Leader front page, 6/30/16)

WMUR: Chris Sununu knows he made his political road ‘more difficult’ 

“He knew he’d take heat for voting to fund after voting last summer to defund. And he is taking it, from both sides.” 


]“Neither his primary foes, nor the Democrats, will let the issue fade. Count on that.” [6/30/16

New Hampshire Union Leader: Sununu breaks with Republicans to award $550k contract to Planned Parenthood 

“Last year Sununu cast the deciding vote to kill a similar measure, citing an investigation into the organization’s alleged sale of body parts from aborted fetuses for use in medical research.” [6/29/16

Concord Monitor: Sununu joins Democrats as Executive Council okays Planned Parenthood funding 

“Speaking with reporters after the vote, Sununu laughed as he admitted the issue resurfacing was ‘politically inconvenient’ for him.” 


“Sununu’s three fellow Republican gubernatorial candidates immediately hammered him for his ‘yes’  vote.” [6/29/16]