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NH Roundup: Sununu Stumbling Out of the Gate, While Van Ostern Focuses on Economy

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NH Roundup: Sununu Stumbling Out of the Gate, While Van Ostern Focuses on Economy 

The first week of the general election brought some clear differences between the two candidates running in New Hampshire’s race for governor. While Colin Van Ostern outlines a vision to move New Hampshire forward, Chris Sununu continues to move like his campaign is stuck in molasses. 

In the days since securing a “decisive win” in the primary election last week, Democratic candidate Colin Van Ostern has traveled the state holding policy discussions on growing New Hampshire’s economy, opioids, and protecting women’s health care. 

Meanwhile, after a nail-biting win in the Republican primary, GOP candidate Chris Sununu kicked off the general election slowly – with few public events. Sununu’s only event before the state press corps has been to proudly stand with anti-choice advocate & Tea Party favorite Frank Edelblut. Sununu has also made headlines for doubling down on his endorsement of Donald Trump. 

Check out these headlines from the first week below.

Colin Van Ostern:

NHPR: Van Ostern Focuses on Economy on First Day as Democratic Nominee for Governor [9/14/16] 

“On day one of the campaign, Colin Van Ostern made it pretty clear what was top on his agenda. 

‘Today is the first day of the General Election, and I cannot think of a better thing to do then talk to entrepreneurs, business leaders and local leaders about how to build a strong economy and an economy that works for everyone,’ Van Ostern said, just hours after winning the Democratic gubernatorial Primary.” 

North Andover Eagle Tribune: Van Ostern seeks to boost NH’s economy [9/14/16] 

“Van Ostern said the keys are attracting more skilled professionals to New Hampshire and stopping the exodus of young people and families leaving the state to find better jobs and opportunities elsewhere.” 

NHPR: Van Ostern Stresses Women’s Health Credentials at Campaign Stop on Seacoast [9/16/16] 

“In his first days campaigning for governor in the general election, Democrat Colin Van Ostern has focused on women’s health issues.  And today he did so again at a stop on the Seacoast. 


“As he did during the Primary campaign, Van Ostern stressed his support for abortion rights and funding for Planned Parenthood. He also criticized his Republican rival Chris Sununu for his Executive Council vote in 2015 to defund Planned Parenthood.” 

Portsmouth Herald: Van Ostern touts support of women’s health [9/16/16] 

“Van Ostern repeated the state needed a governor who would support women’s health issues “100 percent of the time” and not let politics get in the way, throughout the meeting that was billed as a roundtable with experts in the field of women’s health care rights.”

Chris Sununu:

Union Leader

But Sununu, 41, barely made it. He won by less than 1 percent over little-known, one-term state Rep. Frank Edelblut.”  [9/18/16] 

Concord Monitor:  

“The contest is the tightest GOP primary for governor since 1982, when Sununu’s father John H. Sununu defeated Robert Monier by 1,794 votes.” [9/14/16]  

Associated Press:  

“A first-term state representative with little statewide name recognition, Edelblut came within roughly 1,000 votes —about 34,000 to 33,000 — of nabbing the party’s nod from Chris Sununu, a member of one of New Hampshire’s most well-known political families.” [9/18/16] 


“The active support of social and fiscal conservative Edelblut and his backers will be key to Sununu as he tries to unify the GOP to take on Van Ostern.” [9/14/16]

WKXL Radio

Sununu Interview on WKXL Radio: 

“I support Donald Trump. I very much support him,” Sununu said. “I support Donald Trump and hope he becomes president.” [9/15/16]   


John DiStaso on WMUR’s CloseUP:

[Van Ostern] is going to have an easier time coalescing the Democratic side then Sununu will the Republican side.” [9/18/16]   


“The New Hampshire Democratic Party is calling Republican Executive Councilor Chris Sununu a “complacent” and “lackluster” candidate who barely squeaked by the primary and won only because of his well-known family name.” [9/16/16]