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NH-GOV GOP Primary Attacks Ramp Up As Ayotte Ducks a Third Debate

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NH-GOV GOP Primary Attacks Ramp Up As Ayotte Ducks a Third Debate

Republican candidate for governor Chuck Morse took to Twitter this morning to slam former U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte for refusing to debate, writing, “My primary opponent, Kelly Ayotte, has dodged three debates and it’s no wonder why. From supporting amnesty for millions of illegals to opposing school choice, her record shows the truth: Kelly is no conservative.”

Morse went on to criticize Ayotte for hiding from New Hampshire voters, claiming, “Voters deserve answers. It’s time for Kelly Ayotte to step up and debate!”

This is the third debate Ayotte has ducked in as many weeks: last month, Morse hammered Ayotte for refusing to participate in the Rockingham County GOP gubernatorial debate, saying, “It’s evident that Kelly has spent too much time in Washington if she believes she can evade scrutiny of her record here in the Granite State.”

In addition to calling her out for refusing to talk directly to voters from the debate stage, Morse has slammed Ayotte for failing to renounce state Rep. Jon Stone’s endorsement — claiming, “We have a law enforcement officer that threatened a rape and to kill a family. And we (Kelly Ayotte) haven’t denounced the person yet. That, I would do,” — and sharpened his attacks on Ayotte’s record in the U.S. Senate, prompting the NHGOP to beg their candidates to stop attacking one another.

“While Chuck Morse and Kelly Ayotte are busy fighting each other and trying to prove who is the most extreme candidate, they are leaving Granite State families behind,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “New Hampshire voters want a governor who will focus on fighting for them, not running up the score against their political opponents. Morse and Ayotte’s intraparty squabbles are sending a clear message that neither of them are up for the job as New Hampshire’s next governor.”