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NH GOP Gov Candidates Cozy Up to Trump Transition Chair

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NH GOP Gov Candidates Cozy Up to Trump Transition Chair

The bruising GOP primary isn’t even over — but the 2 candidates are already campaigning with top Trump lieutenant Chris Christie

It’s Wednesday morning and there’s no Republican nominee for governor in New Hampshire.

But before the race is even called, the two candidates will take their first step of the general election by campaigning today with Trump Transition Chair Chris Christie.

Even as votes are being counted, both Frank Edelblut and Chris Sununu will campaign with Christie at the New Hampshire GOP unity breakfast at the Bedford Village Inn at 8:30am.

“The only show of unity at this morning’s GOP breakfast is Chris Sununu, Frank Edelblut and Chris Christie’s full-throated endorsements of Donald Trump,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “So it’s no surprise that Sununu and Edelblut would jump at the opportunity to stand with Trump’s transition chair. Hopefully, Governor Christie can give Sununu and Edelblut tips on standing awkwardly behind the disastrous Trump agenda.”

Christie – infamous for supporting Donald Trump’s campaign for president – was deployed to New Hampshire by the Trump team to headline the New Hampshire Republican Party’s unity breakfast following last night’s gubernatorial primary. 

Sununu and Edelblut have both already thrown their weight behind Trump and support his campaign with open arms:

Sununu: “I have always said I would support the nominee, it’s Donald Trump, and I support him. I endorse him.” [WMUR Republican Debate, 9/6/16]

Edelblut: “I will gladly support our nominee.” [WMUR Republican Debate, 9/6/16]