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NEWSBREAK: Indiana’s Governor in Indiana

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NEWSBREAK: Indiana’s Governor in Indiana

Pence Takes Break From Trump to Campaign for Pence-clone Eric Holcomb

Surprise, Hoosiers: Your governor is actually in Indiana today.

This afternoon, Mike Pence is returning to the Hoosier State to campaign for his handpicked gubernatorial candidate, Eric Holcomb. Holcomb, who told the Associated Press he is “quite proud” to run on Pence’s policies, is warmly accepting Pence’s embrace – despite Pence’s underwater approval numbers back home.

With Pence out of the state, Holcomb has done his best to advance Pence’s failed agenda in Indiana. 

Holcomb was publicly called out for ripping his campaign’s only two policy proposals directly from Mike Pence. Holcomb has also doubled down on Pence’s anti-LGBT RFRA agenda, and refuses to support a business-backed measure to expand civil rights protections to LGBT Hoosiers.


Eric Holcomb doesn’t have an original bone in his body,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Eric Holcomb stole his campaign’s only two policy proposals directly from Mike Pence, so it’s no wonder they’re standing together today. Indiana needs a governor that will move the state forward and create more opportunity for Hoosier families — not double down on the failed policies of the past.”