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News Roundup: Rauner’s High Disapproval Rating Earning Press Attention

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DGA Poll Confirms National Handicappers’ View of Rauner as “Most Vulnerable Incumbent” in the Nation

Yesterday, the Democratic Governors Association released a new poll showing Governor Bruce Rauner with 63% disapproval rating, a lower mark than what he had six months ago and before his budget veto. Rauner’s extremely low marks confirm two national political analysts’ views of Rauner’s reelection. Late last month, the Cook Political Report named Rauner as the “most vulnerable incumbent” in the nation, and this week the National Journal hotline listed Rauner as the incumbent most likely to lose his seat.
The news roundup of Governor Rauner’s terrible poll standing:
Greg Hinz, Crain’s Chicago, Headline: “Rauner lags in new Dem poll”
Greg Hinz, Crain’s Chicago: “I always take polls with a grain of salt when they come from one side in a political fight. But a new survey released today by the Democratic Governors Association does not come in a vacuum, and it’s not good news for GOP incumbent Bruce Rauner.”
Greg Hinz, Crain’s Chicago: “That having been said, the new totals follow national handicapper Charlie Cook’s decision a few weeks ago to move Illinois’ 2018 gubernatorial race from ‘lean Republican’ to a tossup.”
Capitol Fax Headline: “DGA Poll: Rauner disapproval at 63 percent.”
Jack Tichenor, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute: “The trend continues and the trend continues downward…Being this underwater this close going into the election of 2018 is not a place where the governor wants to be.”
WSIL Headline: “New poll shows signs of trouble for Rauner.”
WCIA Headline: “Budget crisis takes a toll on Rauner polls.”
WCIA: “Experts say the declining trust stems form the two-year budget impasse, looming student funding crisis and an inability to fulfill campaign promises from his turnaround agenda…According to the National Journal, it could cost him in 2018. It ranks Rauner as the least likely governor to be elected.”
Politico Illinois Playbook: “Even taking in that caveat, Rauner is in some deep trouble.”
Politico Illinois Playbook: “And his budget veto made him more unpopular than he was in January, according to the poll.”
Politico Playbook Beyond The Beltway Headline: “Internal Dem poll has bad news for Rauner.”
Chicago Sun-Times Headline: “Dem pollster: Survey shows Rauner ‘albatross around the neck of GOP’”
Chicago Sun-Times: “A new poll commissioned by the Democratic Governors Association — which has recently amped up its criticism of Gov. Bruce Rauner — finds the governor’s job rating has dropped, while half of those polled said he had done a ‘poor’ job on the state budget.”
NBC5 Chicago: “Also released Thursday was a new poll by the Democratic [Governors] Association showing Rauner’s disapproval ratings at 63 percent. This poll also asked how did the governor handle the budget crisis: 65 percent responded negatively.”