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News Coverage: David Vitter cannot escape “the defining issue” of LA-GOV race

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News Coverage: David Vitter cannot escape “the defining issue” of LA-GOV race 

The final week of the Louisiana governor’s race has once again showcased Republican candidate David Vitter’s inability to escape his infamous prostitution scandal which has become “the defining issue in the race,” according to the National Journal.

When asked for the first time to explain why he missed a vote to honor 28 fallen soldiers on the same day he took a call from the DC Madam, Vitter avoided any details and “suggested people should move on from the scandal.” Public opinion polls show a majority of Louisiana voters are less likely to support Vitter because of his history with prostitutes.  

Check out what reporters saw:

National Journal: “Vitter’s campaign is rolling toward the finish line at full speed, dragging the damage of self-inflicted wounds like a detached bumper.”

“Vitter’s choice to meet the press now—at the 11th hour—likely reflects an awareness of just how deeply damaged he has been by a resurgent debate over his past in the gubernatorial race.” 

The Advocate: “David Vitter has never been asked so directly about, or attacked so relentlessly over his 2007 prostitution scandal.”

“Just how much has this issue dominated the campaign, knocked Vitter off his game and cut into his once dominant lead? So much that, rather than avoiding the topic as he has for years, he repeatedly tried to defuse the damage by bringing it up himself.” 

Associated PressAsked to answer claims in an Edwards ad that he missed a vote to honor soldiers because of a phone call from the prostitution service, Vitter dodged,” wrote the Associated Press.

WWNO: He gave no specifics when asked directly, instead focusing on family and redemption.”

New Orleans Times-Picayune: “It was the latest example of Edwards attempt to make the campaign less about the issues and more about character … The strategy has forced Vitter to face the prostitution scandal head-on after months of dodging the issue at forums and skipping debates.

Politico“Vitter defends self on prostitution scandal in final debate”

“Vitter discussed his 2007 prostitution scandal […] while also facing — and dodging — the most specific question he’s been publicly asked about his admitted misdeeds.”

Vitter’s plea for redemption “only comes as Vitter, once considered the unstoppable favorite to be Louisiana’s next governor, finds himself down by 10 percentage points or more in most public polling in the race against Edwards.”