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New York Times: Trump “plans to not work with the Republican Governors Association” in 2024

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New York Times: Trump “plans to not work with the Republican Governors Association” in 2024 

 RGA In Disarray 2.0

New reporting from the New York Times outlines how “Trump’s political team…has told people it plans to not work with the Republican Governors Association because the group’s executive director has been an adviser to Gov. Kim Reynolds of Iowa, who endorsed Mr. DeSantis.”

In covering the “Trump snub,” the Washington Examiner added, “The relationship between Trump and Reynolds has soured over the last year,” while noting that this is just the latest in the “severe backlash from Trump and his allies.”

This is not the only time the RGA has been locked in a major public feud with Trump. In 2022, a big fight between former RGA Chair Doug Ducey and Trump created several negative consequences and headaches for GOP governors and candidates across the country, including a major loss in his home state. In addition to hurting fundraising and candidate recruitment, the RGA was forced to spend over $14 million to bail out incumbents from nasty and unprecedented Trump-backed primary challenges in states like Ohio, Idaho, Alabama, and Oklahoma, among others.

“The RGA is off to a great start this cycle, landing themselves in yet another chaotic and expensive fight with the leader of their party,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “The last time this happened it cost the RGA to the tune of more than $14 million. If 2022 was any example, it’s clear that this is only just the start of the RGA’s problems in 2024 and it’s only going to get nastier from here.”