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New York Times: “In Races for Governor, Democrats See a Silver Lining”

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“Never have the rights of Americans depended more on who’s running their states” – Gov. Roy Cooper 

Don’t take our word for it. The New York Times published a new report on how gubernatorial races are where Democrats can go on offense this cycle. Democrats are fighting for the issues that matter most to Americans, including protecting democracy and reproductive freedoms. Republicans, on the other hand, are running on extreme, out-of-touch agendas that mimic Donald Trump’s radical and unpopular policies — and it’s making them vulnerable in November.

The New York Times writes, of Democrats’ advantage in governors’ races:

  • “The 36 statehouse contests this year loom large, in no small part because of the role many governors play in certifying election results and the opposition of Democratic governors to Republican state legislative efforts to change voting laws, two issues that could prove pivotal should the 2024 presidential results be contested.”
  • “moderate Republican governors who opposed Mr. Trump, which prompted him to seek revenge and imperil G.O.P. control of the governorships.”
  • “At a time when Democrats are hungry for next-generation leaders, three states — Massachusetts, Maryland and Pennsylvania, a state the party is now favored in — could deliver the party a fresh-faced trio of governors that reflects their coalition.
  • “In a number of states with Democratic governors, including Pennsylvania, Illinois and Minnesota, Republicans have rallied behind candidates who may squander coveted opportunities for G.O.P. pickups”
  • “…many Republicans are concerned their voters will nominate individuals who may imperil their chances or at least require a massive infusion of money to stave off defeat.”

“Governors’ races have never had bigger consequences, whether it’s for reproductive rights or for the state of our democracy,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Democrats running for governor know the stakes of the midterms, and they’re fighting tooth-and-nail to protect Americans’ rights. Republicans, on the other hand, are doubling down on their extreme agendas. The choice for Americans at the ballot box couldn’t be clearer.” 

Read the full article in the New York Times.