New York Times and Washington Post Expose GOP Candidates for Governor for Refusing to Say They’ll Accept the 2022 Election Results

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This weekend, the New York Times and Washington Post published jarring reports exposing the GOP’s slate of gubernatorial candidates for embracing baseless election conspiracy theories and refusing to promise they’ll accept the results of the 2022 election.

“Of the 19 GOP candidates questioned by The Washington Post, a dozen declined to answer or refused to commit,” the Post reported. “Democrats all said they would respect the results.”

Key excerpts exposing some of the Big Lie candidates for governor:

  • AZ GOP nominee Kari Lake “was asked in a radio interview this month whether she would concede a defeat to Katie Hobbs, her Democratic rival and Arizona’s secretary of state. ‘I’m not losing to Katie Hobbs,’ Ms. Lake replied.”
  • FL GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis “responded that he would have nothing to say [on a pledge to accept the results.]”
  • MA GOP nominee Geoff Diehl’s “spokeswoman, Peggy Rose, replied ‘no comment’ when asked if he would agree to the outcome of the November election.”
  • MD GOP nominee Dan Cox’s aides “did not respond to repeated requests for comment on their own races in November.”
  • MI GOP nominee Tudor Dixon “would not commit to honoring the results of the primary — which she went on to win — or the general election, pre-emptively accusing Ms. Benson, the secretary of state, of election fraud.”
  • PA GOP nominee Doug Mastriano “is widely expected to contest his own result if he does not win.”
  • WI GOP nominee Tim Michels “did not respond when asked by The Washington Post if he would accept the results of the race.”

“The danger of a Trumpist coup is far from over,” Georgetown law professor Rosa Brooks told the New York Times, adding, “our democracy remains in jeopardy.”

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