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NEW VIDEO: Rauner Admits He Still Hasn’t Talked with Ives

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GOP Still Divided After Contentious Primary

While most politicians would seek to repair the damage of a close primary, Bruce Rauner admitted this morning on WGN that he still hasn’t talked with Jeanne Ives. Rauner – who declared victory before the race was called – never even bothered to call his Republican opponent.

Watch the video here.

Reporter: “It was a very contentious race. A lot of negative ads on both sides. Have you talked to Jeanne Ives? Did you talk to her before you announced your victory last night?”
Rauner: “We have not spoken yet. You are right. It was very difficult. Primaries are divisive. But now is the time to move past that to come together. I look forward to visiting with the Representative. Visiting with those who are hurt or have their feelings challenged by the difficulties of a primary. And find common ground. And we can do this.”

In his “victory” speech last night, Rauner told the hundreds of thousands of Republicans that voted to oust him, “I have heard you,” but it looks like he’s just dodging their calls.
“Instead of making any attempt to bring his fractured party together, Bruce Rauner continues to ignore Jeanne Ives and the 48 percent of GOP voters who wanted her as their nominee,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner is the most vulnerable incumbent in the country, stumbling into a general election with no allies, underwater approvals, and a record of failure he can’t defend.”