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New TV Ads Slam “Kickback Kemp” for Using Office to Enrich Himself

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Three new tv ads from Stacey Abrams’ campaign slam Brian “Kickback” Kemp for using Georgians’ taxpayer dollars to enrich himself and his wealthy allies.

At the same time, Georgians are facing skyrocketing housing costs and hospital closures under Brian Kemp — especially as he refuses to expand Medicaid.

One of the ads — “Piggy Bank” — highlights how Kemp used taxpayer dollars to give $10,000 tax handouts to the rich and give a nearly $700 million no-bid contract to a campaign donor.

The second ad — “Smoke Screen” — exposes how Kemp used a one-time relief payment to distract voters from his own net worth going up $3 million since becoming governor.

The third — “Welcome to Atlanta” — criticizes Kemp for cashing in on Atlanta’s high housing costs and making hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said: “On top of pushing an extreme abortion ban, criminal carry law, and refusing to expand Medicaid, Kickback Kemp’s self-serving tax policies prove he’s only interested in making laws work for him and his wealthy buddies, not for Georgians.”