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New TV Ad Slams Cameron for Hiring Bevin Staff Who Pushed Dangerous Pardons

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New TV Ad Slams Cameron for Hiring Bevin Staff Who Pushed Dangerous Pardons

Whoever Cameron’s Protecting, It’s Not Kentucky.” 

A DGA-backed group – Defending Bluegrass Values – launched a new TV ad, “Surrounding,” warning Kentuckians about Daniel Cameron’s decision to use taxpayer money to hire the same Matt Bevin cronies who recommended the dangerous pardons of violent criminals, including murderers and a child rapist, to senior roles in his own office.

The TV ad also notes that Cameron hired these key figures involved in letting violent criminals back on the streets instead of hiring a special prosecutor – despite promising Kentuckians that the pardon scandal was something his office would “look at.”This is the second TV ad from Defending Bluegrass Values hitting Cameron for refusing to look into the pardon scandal and comes just days after the launch of a series of similar digital ads, “Tick,” “Blind Eye,” and “Why.”

Last month, the DGA launched to hold Daniel Cameron accountable for failing to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the pardon scandal, and added a new feature that tracks the amount of days that has passed since Cameron promised he would investigate. As of today, it has been 1,270 days. Despite being asked directly about his role in the scandal from multiple news outlets, Cameron refused to provide answers and “sidestepped” questions.

“Not only has Daniel Cameron refused to do anything for three and a half years after promising to look into the pardon scandal while rapists and murderers who terrorized Kentuckians have walked free, he actually hired the same Bevin attorneys who recommended the pardons to senior roles in his own office,” said Democratic Governors Association States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “Cameron has proven that he’s only interested in doing what’s best for himself, not Kentuckians. If he can’t even do his current job, he’s certainly not fit to be Kentucky’s next governor.”

Watch the ad here and view a full transcript below:

NARRATOR: When the pardon scandal broke, Daniel Cameron promised to investigate. 

NEWS CASTER: “The former Governor under fire. Matt Bevin, issuing pardons and commutations to rapists and murderers. 

NARRATOR: But Cameron used taxpayer money to hire Bevin’s top aides instead, surrounding himself with the same people who helped push Bevin’s pardons.” 

NEWS CASTER: “One, a child rapist, another who killed his parents.” 

NARRATOR: No wonder Cameron’s refused to appoint a special prosecutor. Whoever Cameron’s protecting, it’s not Kentucky.