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NEW STUDY: Rispone’s Medicaid Enrollment Freeze Would Be “A De-Facto Repeal” Of Medicaid Expansion

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Eddie Rispone supports a Medicaid freeze, which would “reverse the dramatic gains in health coverage” under the Medicaid expansion Gov. Edwards implemented, according to a new study.
Over 450,000 working Louisianans have gained health care coverage thanks to Gov. Edwards’ decision to expand Medicaid. And it’s working. No rural hospitals have closed since the expansion and the state’s uninsured rate was cut in half.
But Rispone’s support of a Medicaid freeze would undo this progress. According to a new study from the Louisiana Budget Project, enrollment freezes would potentially drive up the state’s health care costs by “hundreds of millions of dollars” because the state would lose its 91.5 percent federal match rate.
In Arizona, a Medicaid freeze caused enrollment to drop by 70 percent and a Republican governor and legislature reversed course. In Ohio, former Gov. John Kasich vetoed a Medicaid freeze, citing concerns 500,000 people could lose health coverage.
Make no mistake about Rispone’s agenda—a Medicaid enrollment freeze amounts to a “de-facto repeal” of Medicaid expansion and would leave many Louisianans without access to health care.
“Eddie Rispone would reverse Medicaid expansion and wreak havoc on Louisianans’ health care,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “While Jindal’s agenda may have enriched Rispone, Louisianans were slammed with hospital closures and hundreds of thousands without health insurance. This new report highlights how Eddie Rispone’s health care plan would be devastating for Louisiana families and he owes voters answers.”