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New Report: Under DeWine, Ohio is #1 in Political Corruption

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DeWine Caught Up In Public Corruption Case That’s “In a league of its own”

Under Mike DeWine, Ohio is making headlines for being named the #1 state in the country when it comes to public corruption thanks to a $61 million bribery scandal that resulted in the arrest of the former Republican Speaker of the Ohio Statehouse and four Republican lobbyists and campaign consultants. 

On Republican Gov. Mike DeWine’s watch, FBI investigators are saying this scandal is “in a league of its own” in terms of the size and scope of the corruption. DeWine’s connections to the scandal run deep, and many of his top administration officials are tied to it.

The actors who paid millions to Republican legislators for a massive bailout bill that Ohioans paid for are the same ones who bankrolled DeWine’s campaign, spending at least $1 million in dark money contributions to get him elected. DeWine also surrounded himself with corrupt lobbyists who are now under FBI investigation. He appointed them to top positions in his administration even against the advice of his own party.

“Under Mike DeWine’s lack of leadership, he and his allies have made Ohio #1 in the nation for political corruption,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “DeWine went against the advice of his own party to surround himself with officials suspected of corruption and to support a billion-dollar bailout that Ohioans are still paying for. His corruption is sure to be a top issue with voters in 2022, that is, if he can withstand the nasty attacks from his own party to make it to the general election.”