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New Report Shows Massachusetts GOP Devolving Into “Ever-Deeper Disarray”

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Boston Globe: “The Struggling Minority Party Risks Losing What Little Relevance It Still Has”

As the Massachusetts governor’s seat is a top pickup opportunity for Democrats, the Boston Globe is reporting that Republicans in Massachusetts are deeply divided and increasingly in trouble, failing to recruit viable candidates and raise money.

“Recently, the party has struggled to even hold routine meetings and pay regular expenses,” the Globe reported, “let alone tackle crucial tasks like candidate recruitment and fund-raising, amid increasingly bitter internal disputes between those who back its Trump-supporting chairman, Jim Lyons, and those who hew closer to Baker’s moderate lane.”

The party’s top candidate for governor, Geoff Diehl, is worrying party insiders by running on a “head-scratcher” campaign strategy of embracing Donald Trump in one of the most anti-Trump states in the country.

After his decision not to seek reelection “robbed Republicans of their best shot at holding the corner office,” Gov. Charlie Baker kicked the party on his way out.

The state party is supposed to “number one, raise money to support candidates; number two, create a message that will resonate with voters on Election Day; and number three, have the ground force in place to support those candidates in ways that go beyond just raising money,” Baker said. “I don’t think the party is delivering on any of those objectives right now.”

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said: “The bitter Massachusetts GOP civil war is bad and getting worse. Look no further than top candidate Geoff Diehl and his out-of-touch agenda to see how the state party’s infighting and recruitment failures have tanked what little chance Republicans had to hold the governor’s office this year.”