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New Report Reveals Bob Stefanowski’s Business Record Came Under Fire From Watchdog Groups

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While Connecticut GOP candidate for governor Bob Stefanowski has bragged about his business record, new reporting is detailing how “Stefanowski’s business career included managing investments ‘associated with killings, forced evictions, violent protests, and severe environmental pollution.’”

In his first failed campaign for governor, Stefanowski sent mailers bragging that he managed “$500 billion in assets” as an executive at UBS but two reports from a watchdog group found that his bank managed assets that were linked to human rights and environmental abuses while he played a central role there,” according to Salon.

Even as he continues to tout his business experience on the campaign trail, Stefanowski did not respond to a request for comment.”

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said, “Trump-loyalist Bob Stefanowski’s right-wing agenda of cutting public education and blowing up the state budget would be a disaster but now the business record he brags about is coming under fire too. He owes the people of Connecticut answers.”