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New Report Highlights Electoral Liability of Gillespie’s Lobbying Ties, Work Against Interests of Virginia Families

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new report on the front page of the Washington Post examines Ed Gillespie’s career advocating for special interests against the interests of Virginia families and the ways in which this record will be a liability in the home stretch of this campaign. 

Even conservative commentators in the story acknowledged Gillespie’s “reputation as a Washington insider could be a liability in this election cycle.” Conservative activist Tom Fitton said: “The concern is that politicians are more concerned about the payout on K Street that they may get when they leave office as opposed to the public’s interest when they are in office.”

“Ed Gillespie himself admits that he ‘shows up’ for the special interest clients that line his pockets,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Republicans are right to view this as a liability for Gillespie. In the home stretch of this campaign, we intend to make sure every voter knows where Ed Gillespie’s loyalties lie—not with the hardworking families and small businesses of Virginia.”