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New Report Exposes Ron DeSantis’ ARP Hypocrisy

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A new report from Gannett exposes Gov. Ron DeSantis for “capitalizing politically” on economic relief from the American Rescue Plan he opposed — but has since hypocritically tried to take credit for.

Gannett says DeSantis “is using $3.8 billion in federal aid money to cover some of his most eye-catching initiatives in the spending plan,” despite once calling the ARP “Washington at its worst.”

Recent reporting has caught on to how DeSantis and his fellow GOP governors changed their tune on Democrats’ historic federal aid package. Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte recently took credit for replacing water lines with ARP money while Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds touted funding for broadband but “failed to mention” the source of the funds.

“Gutless Ron DeSantis may hide his vaccination status, but he’s clearly happy to be boosted by President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Republican governors refuse to deliver for working families, but when Democrats get the job done, they’ll be the first to take credit.”