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New Report Exposes Even More Antisemitic Social Media Posts from NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson

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New Report Exposes Even More Antisemitic Social Media Posts from NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson

Robinson’s record of antisemitism continues to unfurl, terrifying Republicans looking toward the general election

Less than one day after the DGA released a video holding Mark Robinson accountable for his antisemitic social media posts, a new report from Jewish Insider highlights previously unreported Facebook posts from Robinson where he “shared a quotation attributed to Adolf Hitler, compared the toppling of a Confederate statue to Kristallnacht and frequently minimized the legacy of the Holocaust.”

Earlier this month, when explicitly asked if he would apologize for his antisemitic posts, Robinson refused to apologize for the antisemitic “content.”

The report underscores how “the newly unearthed comments could add to mounting concerns among GOP activists in North Carolina who are worried that Robinson’s past offensive statements will hurt his chances to win the general election in a key battleground state next year.”

 “Despite the fact we continue to learn more about Mark Robinson’s dangerous record of spreading antisemitic conspiracies, he’s made it clear that he has no interest in apologizing to North Carolina’s Jewish community,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “While these additional revelations will make the GOP primary even more chaotic as even North Carolina Republicans are raising alarms, there is no room in North Carolina for antisemitism and voters won’t let Robinson forget.”