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New Report: Christine Drazan Tried “To Use Her Position” and “Intimidate” to “Obtain Special Treatment”

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New reporting exposes Christine Drazan for attempting to use her position as a state legislator to intimidate a public official and skirt Oregon Health Authority (OHA) rules.

In public records obtained by Willamette Week, an Oregon Health Authority employee filed a complaint in 2019 against Drazan for “attempting to use her position to intimidate the employee to obtain special treatment.”

The employee noted Drazan was “yelling” and “incredibly angry” during a call after dealing with the aftermath of failing to submit the proper paperwork on time.

According to the OHA employee, “​​Drazan asked..if she knew who Drazan was and demanded to be put back on insurance right away.”

In her complaint the employee said they “had never experienced anyone trying to use their position to get around the rules, despite having worked with other powerful public employees…”

Drazan was later forced to apologize for her behavior.

While Drazan apparently isn’t willing to play by rules and demands special treatment when it comes to her family’s health care, she has repeatedly voted against measures to improve health care access and affordability for Oregonians. Drazan sided with Big Pharma and voted against legislation to establish a state board to review prescription drug prices, including insulin, and legislation establishing a task force on universal health care.

“Christine Drazan’s intimidation of a public employee into giving her special treatment is everything wrong about MAGA Republicans and absolutely disqualifying,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Oregonians deserve a governor who will put them first — not a bully who uses the power of her office for personal favors. Unlike Drazan, Tina Kotek has fought and delivered for Oregonians her entire career, including taking action to lower health care costs. As governor, she’ll always put Oregon families first.”