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New Report Again Shows Rauner Admin Focused on Spin – Not Victims – In Quincy Aftermath

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Rauner Admin Refutes Local Coroner’s Findings About Resident’s Death

This morning, a new WBEZ report once again showed Governor Bruce Rauner’s administration focused more on dodging responsibility than learning from their mistakes following the deadly Quincy Veterans’ Home Legionnaires’ outbreak. According to the report, Rauner’s administration refused to admit that one resident was not found for two days after her death, despite the conclusions of the local coroner’s office.
This new report is just another example of Rauner and his team’s focus on appearances instead of solutions. Rauner’s administration was caught spinning news coverage as the Legionnaires’ outbreak was unfolding and lying about when they told home health workers about the outbreak. In addition, Rauner’s administration attacked a reporter’s integrity, overly redacted emails, and hampered a legislative investigation, and one official even suggested pinning blame for the outbreak on combat veteran and U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth. And that’s just a partial list.
“Once again, Bruce Rauner’s administration proved they’re more interested in dodging blame than accepting responsibility for their mismanagement at the Quincy Veterans’ Home,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “In their enduring quest to avoid admitting fault, Rauner’s administration will not even give one family the dignity of telling the truth about their loss.”