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New Recording: Cagle Admits He’ll Say Anything to Get Elected

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Cagle Caught on Tape…Again, Says Primary is About Who Can Be ‘Craziest’

Stop me if you’ve heard this before…a secret recording of Georgia Republican Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle just exposed his completely phony campaign.
Sound familiar? That’s because, once again, Casey Cagle privately revealed he will put politics ahead of everything and say or do anything to get elected, regardless of if he actually believes it or not.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on another secret recording in which Cagle admitted that his primary is all about “who could be the craziest” and that he has to campaign on issues that he doesn’t care about at all:

In the 50-second recording, Cagle talks to Clay Tippins about the party’s shift to the right in the primary. Listen to it here: 
“The issues you talk about are the issues I care about as well. The problem is in a primary – and you and I are just talking off the record frank – they don’t give a (expletive) about those things.  OK. In the general election, they care about it. OK. But they don’t care about it in a primary. This primary felt like it was who had the biggest gun, who had the biggest truck, and who could be the craziest.”

In addition to completely insulting his primary voters, Cagle admitted that he’s willing to run a completely fraudulent campaign if that’s what it takes to win an election. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to voters watching the race. Cagle got exposed earlier in the campaign by another recording where he admitted to supporting bad legislation to hurt one of his GOP rivals’ fundraising.
“The recording speaks for itself: Casey Cagle will say anything if he thinks it will help him get elected,” said DGA Deputy Press Secretary Alex Japko. “Perhaps even worse, Cagle admits he’s running a crazy campaign that has already jeopardized Georgia’s business climate. Day after day, Georgia voters are treated to another Casey Cagle scandal. After 28 years at the state capitol, how many more reasons do Georgia voters need to reject him once and for all?”